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The Healing Garden


I hope you are all well and staying safe. We have been in the house for over three weeks now and feeling the impact of no tourists and now work on the island. We are staying safe, and we trust we will see you all on Maui soon.

I have decided, while I am sitting here in the house, to re-canvas my first book “21 Steps to Magnificent Living.” The new book will cover the same 21 principles with new stories, quotes, and poetry. The new book will be titled “21 Steps to Mindfulness.”

I need your help!! I am going to be posting videos of each step. I would love to hear your questions and suggestions about the topics. #mindfulness#mindful#motivation#maui#newbook#coronavirus#stayhome#gratitude

I will be posting all of the videos on my YouTube page. Let's start this journey together!

Stay Safe, Stay at Home, Carl

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