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Oh, Lahaina poem by Carl Powell

In the land of golden sands and azure sea,

Where the gentle trade winds whisper free.

There stood a town, majestic and fair,

Lahaina, a gem beyond compare.

Oh, Lahaina, your history so grand,

A tapestry woven by many hands.

But alas, a tempest dark and wild,

Engulfed your essence with flames so vile.

Buildings once standing tall and proud,

Reduced to ashes, a smoky shroud.

Yet in the face of this fiery plight,

A spirit emerged, radiant and bright.

Resilience, the anthem of your soul,

A phoenix rising from the burning coal.

Together we rise, hand in hand,

To rebuild this town, this sacred land.

With every hammer strike, hope ignites,

And from the rubble, new dreams take flight.

And when the flowers bloom once more,

And laughter dances on your shore.

Lahaina, reborn, you'll proudly stand,

A testament to the power of this land.

So let us heal, let us rise,

With love as our guide, we'll reach the skies.

For Lahaina, oh Lahaina, we believe,

In the magic you hold, so dear, so deep.

Carl J Powell

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