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Meet Carl Powell

Guru of Health and Happiness 

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Carl Powell

Founder & CEO


Meet Carl Powell, a renowned motivational speaker, wellness coach, and author who has been transforming lives for over four decades. Based on the beautiful island of Maui, Carl believes in the power of "growing where you are planted" and helps individuals achieve their fitness goals through various fitness regimes, both online and in person.


As a personal wellness coach, Carl has helped countless individuals achieve their fitness aspirations by evaluating their current fitness levels and developing customized fitness programs to suit their needs. He firmly believes in the philosophy of "one size does not fit all" and tailors his programs to ensure that his clients achieve their fitness goals effectively.


Carl's signature program, GROW with Carl, is a unique amalgamation of Qigong, Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training, and Meditation. Whether you prefer online classes via Zoom, video on demand on Vimeo, or in-person classes at his in-home studio on Maui, Carl's program is designed to ensure that you can access his expertise anytime, anywhere.


As a volunteer for AARP Hawaii, Carl teaches a variety of methods to maintain wellness and cognitive brain health. He helps seniors to stay active, eat healthy, and engage in activities that stimulate their minds. Carl's dedication and passion for his work have made a significant impact on the lives of countless seniors in Hawaii.


Over the years, Carl has inspired and motivated audiences all over the world with his award-winning speeches. He is also the author of three books on healing, which have helped countless individuals overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.


So, if you're ready to transform your life and achieve your fitness goals, let Carl Powell be your guide, and remember to "grow where you are planted."

(808) 664-6670

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Carl Chats about Growth 

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